Pre-Launch Started On: Nov - 11th - 2023 . Recent participants: José Carlos Teixeira - Brazil--    samuel owolabi - Nigeria--    terence brown - United States of America--    Sharon Fairfull - Australia--    Ivan Horvath - Slovakia--    Gilbert Vordzorgbe - Ghana--    Tanya Fulton - Canada--    Bob Mellett - Canada--    Gyula Ecker - Hungary--    Kelvin Edwards Sr - United States of America--    Cevdet Ercan - Turkey--    Billy Brown - Ghana--    Unwese Iduma - Nigeria--    Moumbagna Ibrahim - United States of America--    Dana Grady - United States of America--    Andii My Andii My - Hungary--    Olaniyan Victor - Nigeria--    Attilane Meszaros - Hungary--    Kató Brigitta - Hungary--    ildikó Szűcs - Hungary--    Annemarie Van keijzerswaard - Netherlands--    Anthony Lange - United States of America--    Michael Rinne - United States of America--    Gwen Watkins - United States of America--    Daniel Catcho - Philippines--    Total Purchased Positions : 1,254 Total Withdrawals: $1,291.50

XMasCycler is a global community of online marketers helping each other attain financial independence. At XMasCycler, our mission is to help members achieve better lives through team collaboration and support from experience leaders in the community

Members make money by purchasing ad positions which cost $5 per ad position. And by inviting new friends to your team and filling out the referral matrix, you create a sustainable income paid every day directly to your wallet. The more people you invite, the more money you make. It's that simple. You'll be building passive residual income streams as long as you continue recruiting new members

We have a decent repurchase policy to ensure that more and more people will have their position cycled on this cycler. We have a moderate 70% / 30% repurchase policy. This means 30% of your earnings will go to your repurchase wallet while 70% can be fully withdrawn. Funds in your repurchase balance can only be used to make further purchases of cycler positions.

Here is how our 30% repurchase policy works. Every 24hours, the software automatically use acculated funds in your repurchase balance to buy you new active positions in the system. So you may not have to do the repurchase yourself. Our software does that for you.

Absolutely, you can buy multiple positions in the system. You can own up to 10,000 positions in the system!

No, you cannot purchase positions in higher matrixes. unless you already purchased from a lower level. You must own a level 1 position before you can purchase a level 2 position.

As soon as you've reached your minimum withdrawal amount of $6.00, you can request payout with a maximum of $2,000.00 withdrawal daily. You can withdraw once daily. We manually process all withdrawals Monday to Friday.

Your deposit will show up in your account automatically after 2 to 3 blockchain network confirmations with Bitcoin transactions. For other currencies: TRON, USDT, BUSD etc. Please allow between 10 Minutes to 30 Minutes depending on the network. Your deposit will show up immediately after the payment process is completed.

We accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, USDT-TRC20 and Tron for deposits.

We specialize in offering digital advertising solutions, primarily through banners and text-based ads. Every time you acquire a package, you are credited with Banner Ad and Text Ad Credits, allowing you to showcase your websites to our extensive community interested in crypto.

Then please contact our support department and you will get response within 48hrs. Thank you!!